“We are working to become an intermediary of choice for you and your referrals for years to come
— not just by meeting, but by exceeding your expectations every time.”

About Us

TRYUS Insurance Marketing Private Limited is a full-service Insurance Marketing Firm (IMF) registered under IRDAI. We draw the credit that, we are the first Private Limited Insurance Marketing Firm in Kerala. Situated on NH Bye-Pass, Vyttila, the hub of activities in Ernakulam City, our area of operation extends throughout India. At TRYUS the customers are offered Insurance both Life & General.

Our team of experts led by Sri C N Sreekumar, IITian, our Principal Officer cum Managing Director has vast exposure in handling major corporate clients with wide exposure to safety and loss prevention and can provide risk assessment, proper risk coverage and placement of business with best insuring offices giving best services, who really consider customer as the king.

What is an IMF?

Insurance Marketing Firm (IMF) is an entity registered by the Authority to solicit or procure insurance products as specified in regulation of Insurance Regulatory and development authority of India (Registration of Insurance Marketing Firm) Regulations, 2015, to undertake insurance service activities and to distribute other financial products by employing individuals licensed to market, distribute and service such other financial products.

  • Insurance Servicing Activities of the Insurance Marketing Firm by:

i. undertaking back office activities of insurers as allowed in the Guidelines on Outsourcing Activities by Insurance Companies issued by the Authority;

ii. becoming approved person of Insurance Repositories;

iii. undertaking survey and loss assessment work by employing on their rolls licensed surveyor & loss assessors;

iv. any other insurance related activity permitted by the Authority from time to time.

  • Marketing of other financial products through the FSE engaged by the IMF namely:

i. mutual funds of mutual fund companies regulated by SEBI;

ii. pension products regulated by PFRDA;

iii. other financial products distributed by SEBI licensed Investment Advisors;

iv. banking/ financial products of banks/ NBFC regulated by RBI;

v. non-insurance products offered by Department of Posts, Government of India;

vi. any other financial product or activity permitted by the Authority from time to time.

What we Are???

We can provide the best insurance solution specific to the industry. We suggest various loss prevention measures to the industrial sector and engage ourselves also to product development for personal line insurance, so that the cover is absolutely tailor made to suit the requirements of the clients. Our rapport with top level management facilitates in getting the best products at very competitive rates. We do follow up of claims at various levels.

We represent a comprehensive menu of premium products and services which also incorporates items such as your risk appetite, your budget, and the individual requirements we identify when soliciting various quotes on your behalf. We provide the groundwork for you to make the ultimate decision in selecting your new policy– a decision that could change your life in the event of an unexpected accident or loss of property.

Our Strategy

We employ a multi-faceted strategy that includes prudent organic and acquisition growth, conservative underwriting, pricing discipline, superior technological capabilities, efficient operations and conservative investing. This strategy allows us to achieve our longstanding goal to outperform in terms of service and profitability.

What we Offer

We utilize all our resources for your benefit alone.

From the years of knowledge and experience, we are well informed of the pros and cons about the features in the event of a claim. Finally, we are professionally qualified in the field of Insurance whereby we utilize our technical capabilities to combine several risks into a composite policy. We are fully conversant with the fact that our customer requires the following,

1. The insurance portfolio must have the best of coverage.

2. The coverage must be backed by a reliable insurer.

3. The insurance needs should be covered at a competitive price.

4. An assurance of first class service.

As a professional in the field of insurance with a wide area of experience, we utilise our expertise solely to your advantage. And you as a client can expect all of the above with several other advantages thrown in as standard features when doing business with us. The vast knowledge in all areas of insurance and the rapport we hold with major Insurance Companies, PSU’s a well as Private, insurers offer us the better price. This is because the entire risk is technically analyzed and well presented to them giving them a better understanding of the risk. This provides the insurers with an enhanced understanding of the exposure in order for them to provide the best possible rates.

At the same time insurers are well aware about our capabilities and our capacity to deal with several competitors, which automatically cautions the insurers to bring the rates to the lowest possible levels.